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                LOONGEN (Shanghai) Architectural Science and Technology Co. Ltd

                LOONGEN (Shanghai) Architectural Technology Co., Ltd,      Our success is help the costumer to build a well managed and safe MEP Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) supporting system. We focused on MEP installation system since 2006. After WenChuan earthquake in 2008, we add the seismic bracing into our product line.

                “Save the life and property by pre-protection” is our route to achive our mission. At present, even for a long time in the future, the level of human science and technology is still unable to predict the occurrence of earthquakes. But we can reduce the losses from earthquake damages.  We invested thousands hour in design, test, and site visiting to develop and validate our products and design method.  Nowadays, we provide all in one se…




                LOONGEN (Shanghai) Architectural Science and Technology Co. Ltd

                With frequent crustal movement, frequent earthquakes, and increased damage, Ron (Shanghai) ConstructionTechnology Co., LtdLOONGEN(Shanghai) Architectural ......

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